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Silent Seraph
Electro House
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United States
Silent Seraph

Silent Seraph (Kris Grant) has been producing music since 2005, creating an obscure portfolio of zippy loops and full length dance tracks. Starting out as a hobby flash cartoonist, Kris and his friend Matt decided to start creating their own sound clips for their videos. Gaining a desire to create more than just silly sound effects and simple loops, Kris started studying sound and music theory. Shortly thereafter, Matt grew bored with sound synthesis while Kris remained resilient and eventually moved on to making short songs. From this grew the desire to become a hobby musician,and from there silent seraph was born.
After only a few short years, Silent Seraph has gone from short sound effects to full-length dance tracks and has already released an EP, been signed by multiple record labels, and worked with other talented musicians all over the United States. Working with Kansas City artist Sim, The ideaUnsound prject was created, and from local chicago artist Ill Eagle the Anti Rapper, Phantom Legit (still in the works) was formed. Rumored to even be starting an indie/electronica band, only time will tell what the future holds for Silent Seraph.

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