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Nelver on Kill Inc Drum and Bass

Drum and Bass
Kill Inc Drum and Bass


Eugene, who also goes by Nelver, was born in 1989 in a small provincial town in the Bryansk region of Russia.

His love for music started around age three, while he was in kindergarten. His intense interest in the musical arts drove his urge to study music. Eugene learned to love the piano after studying music in school for six years.

His passion for the beautiful sounds that emanate from this classic instrument continue to influence his musical productions to this day. In 2004, Eugene developed a fascination with electronic music. After much experimentation, he found that the drum and bass genre suited his style best and has signed tracks to Kill Inc, Naturality Sound System, FREE BPM, Fat Flat, One Size, Intelligent Recordings, SLK, Plush, and Bass Flo.

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