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LJHigh on Kill Inc Drum and Bass

Drum and Bass
Kill Inc Drum and Bass

United Kingdom

Lee Hirons AKA LJHigh started listening to "rave music" in 1990 and has been hooked ever since. He started djing at the age of 18 and regularly attended raves up and down the country. In 1995 Lee was introduced to what would turn out to be a long term friend and colleague, Mark Morris aka Darkman, aka Subliminal (flex records). Working with Mark at his studio in coventry, Lee quickly came up with a couple of tunes with which he approached "back to basics" records. He signed to "second movement records" soon after (back to basics sister label). Lee then had a release on a new label called instinctive records in 1997 "Killer" & "Bassquake" on the flip. The track was quickly picked up and pushed by Birmingham DJ Legend "G.E.Real" RIP and Kenny Ken. After this, Lee went on to play at events up and down the country, also playing regularly on the pirate radio station Underground FM based in wolverhampton and guest appearing on what is now known as galaxy FM on Shock C's show and other radio shows up and down the country, including London's Flex FM.

Since 2004, Lee has hosted regular radio shows on,, and now has 2 regular shows on and

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