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Fracture Design on Kill Inc Drum and Bass

Fracture Design
Drum and Bass
Kill Inc Drum and Bass

Fracture Design

Fracture Design - real name is Egor. Born in 1990 in Russia, in a small town called Tyumen, but is currently living in Hungary, Budapest.

In his childhood melodies were everywhere as his father was a huge fan of music, also the neighbor played the piano all the time, hearing the instrument was an instant love for Egor. He got his first synthesizer as a present when he was 12 years old and he started messing around with it. His friend introduced Egor to drum & bass in 2006 it is when he fell in love with this genre.

He started producing drum and bass in 2008, and till now he had collaborations with such artists as Nelver and High Frequency. He also had releases on Velcro city records, Offworld recordings and DLA black. Also he received support from such djs and producers as Komatic, Dj Amnesty and Dj Cell.

Egor gets his inspiration from the most beautiful city at night - Budapest. Liquid is where his heart lies.

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