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Mayel on Kill Inc Drum and Bass

Drum and Bass
Kill Inc Drum and Bass


Mayel - real name is Pavel Sergeyevich. I was born on July the 6th in 1995, in the town of Gus Crystal, Russia. Nowadays reside in Moscow.
Neurofunk producer.

I never thought that I would become a musician. Since I was a child, I was doing nothing except playing games on game console "Sega megadrive". The first musical tastes were formed in age of 9, when my brother gave me to listen to death metal band "Children of bodom". By age of 14, I departed from the "live" music and gradually moved to electronic, whether electric or D`n`B. In age of 15, after the experience of podcasts NeuroPunk I had began to write my own works.

At the moment I have 3 contracts on the label "Play Hard Records", and I regret about this.
Interested in a variety of genres, constantly looking for all new :)

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