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House, Progressive House
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The Netherlands

Got my first "very Cheap" record player. 1978 - Other kids where playing games- I was listening to music. 1979 - Bought my first 7" After that I visited the record store weekly. 1982 - Saved enough money to buy a real stereo. 1985 - Got a weekly residency at a bar to spin tunes. 1987 - Got a weekly residency at a club. 1987 - Went to Ibiza and heard House Music for the very first time.
1988 - Visited the Roxy Amsterdam frequently and later the "It". 1990 - Started working at a record company and was responsible for labels like Harthouse,Positiva,Cooltempo.
Also studied at the School of audio engineering. 1991 - Moved to San Francisco. Visited the Billboard Dance Music Summit. Visited the now defunkt 3rd Floor Studio's and B.P.M records owned by DJ Jeremy "Digit" Cowan and Raul "DJ EFX" Recinos .Met people like B.McCarthy a.k.a Aquatherium, Buck, Rasoul, Tyler Stone, DRC. 1992 - Moved back to Amsterdam. 1994 - Got out of the scene after seeing some of my friends turn to zombies. 2000 - Picked up some gear again to start some production work. 2001 - One of my tracks got "stolen" by a record company. 2006 - Collaborated with DJ EFX. 2007 - Collaborated with B.McCarthy a.k.a Aquatherium on Porn Star. 2008 - Electric Disco hit Junodownload top 10 techno charts. Collaborated with B.McCarthy as Bang brothers on a remix for Victor Imbres.

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