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Ravager (J.Siedlaczek) - Direct Recordings / Simplify Recordings / Climate Recordings / Philosophy Recordings - Bydgoszcz, Poland

One of the most active Polish drum'n'bass producers. His tunes were appreciated not only by wide audience from his home country, but also received lots of support from the major drum'n'bass DJs from all over the world.

Ravager tracks got played by Crissy Criss (BBC 1xtra/Technique Rec.), Krafty Kuts (Against The Grain/Skint/Instant Vibes), Figure (Play Me Rec.), Zen (Flip Audio/Ganja Rec.), Smooth (Viper Rec.), L.A.O.S. (Hospital Rec./Viper Rec.), Tony Anthem (Future Prophecies - Bad Monkey & Dub Monkey Records), Callide (Ram Rec.), Terravita (Technique Rec.), Technicolour (Technique Rec.), Grafix (Mainframe Rec./Cue Rec./Talkin Beatz), Komatic (Technique Rec.),  Escape (Muzik Hertz), DJ Ollie (Direct Rec./Innovation), DJ AMC (Drum & Bass Arena), KG (Talkin Beatz/Viper Rec.), Miss Represent (Ortofon DJ Team) among many others.

Latest single on Direct Recordings called 'Missing You' remixed by one of the top jump up producers - DJ Zen (Flip Audio/Grid Rec./Ganja Rec.). gained attention of wide audience by reaching number #1 in Drum'n'Bass Arena Download Charts. Also received good marks from the major scene stars like f.e. Brockie, Nicky Blackmarket or Crystal Clear.

Ravager tracks are were aired on the most respectable radio stations, incl. BBC Radio 1, BBC 1xtra, Bassdrive & Kool FM and podcasts (f.e. Innovation Podcast). In 2010 Ravager was invited to record an artist-only mix for one of the biggest Youtube drum'n'bass promotion channels: 'Panda DNBTV'. His tunes were also featured on major electronic music digital stores - Beatport, Trackitdown and Download Store of Drum'n'Bass Arena (where Raindrops and Missing You remixed by Zen both reached number #1).
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