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Subsid on Kill Inc Drum and Bass

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Kill Inc Drum and Bass


Bruno H. Rezende de Souza A.K.A Subsid is a brilliant young and very talented dj / producer from Sao Paulo, Brazil, who has his finger directly on the pulse of today`s jazzy liquid & minimal dnb style sound. At the fresh young age of 20, Bruno has been taken music by since the day he was born. With 2 years or so of production time logged in, Subsid has already grasped the fundamentals of a propper production style. A style which can only be attested by the fact that he began his DJ Career alongside some amazing talent and support of established artists like Spy, Bukem, Random Movement, Nookie, Doc Scott, Stunna, HLZ,DJ Presha, Mutated Forms, Ash a Tack, Dj Rusty, Critycal Dub, Level 2 & more.

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