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Melotronics project have been formed by three musicians from St. Petersburg (Russia) with similar musical visions and ideas known as Max Shifteee, Dmitry Raytem and Alex Rockit. They began individual careers in electronic dance music in 1998 but have combined in a band in the end of 2009. Melotronics way of production formed under the influences from various styles of music to create a new unique sound, in general from drum&bass to synthpop/electroclash and it difficult to describe in one word. But 80s songs spirit, epic electro and trance synths, catchy lyrics and robotic vocoders are main features of own tracks and DJ sets they are doing. From the beginning till nowadays they have let out the bunch of releases on their own label Melotronic Recordings and also on John B’s labels Beta Recordings and Nu Electro. Melotronics tracks and remixes mostly can be found in Melotronic Showcase podcasts from Shifteee & Raytem and in other DJs playlists which are advancing electro and trance sounding in drum&bass.

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