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Welcome to Wreked Records Global Bookings

Many of our artists and DJ's are available for bookings either in their region, or globally. Please note that this area is still under construction.

For additional information on the artists available for bookings, we encourage you to visit our Artists Available page to check out profiles, genres, and locations

Additionally, to book one of the artists listed on our Artists Available page; simply send a message to our booking representatives via our contact page and select "Bookings" as the subject selection.

For DJ's:

If you would like to be added to the Wreked Records or Kill Inc bookings roster, send us a message using our contact page, and be sure to include your press pack complete with a mini-mix for review.

Furthermore, if you're interesting in participating in our promo pool, express your interest by filling out the form located HERE and entering your promo preferences on the form.

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