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Nelver - "Touching Soul"

Touching Soul

Drum and Bass
Kill Inc Drum and Bass
Touching Soul

Nelver’s new EP, ‘Touching Soul’,  is four tracks of pure liquid, sub rattling goodness.

‘Fast Acting’ has a cascading, victorious feel to it, with a smooth bass line, and some wobble for good measure, of course. ‘Sky’ has an old school ravey, jungly feel to it, with plenty of SIIIICK analog synths, and plenty of DEEEP BASSSS. ‘Touching Soul‘ is a lovely liquid tune, incorporating a beautiful piano line, some beautifully liquid synths, and bass that’ll shake up your guttiwhats. The last track, ‘Wings of Dreams’ has a sweet guitar riff, some pretty synths, a gorgeous plucked harp line, and of course, a deep, rolling bassline at the drop.

If I haven’t convinced you that you need to pick up this release NOW, then geeeeez man, what will?



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 Touching Soul
 Fast Acting
 Wings of Dreams


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